Prospective lab members

Pikes place berriesWe are excited to hear from eager and interested graduate, undergraduates (preferred committment ≥ 2 years), postdoctoral researchers and visiting scholars (preferred ≥ 6 months).  Graduate students can pursue M.S./Ph.D. degrees (though Ph.D.s are preferred) in Horticulture and Crop Sciences,  Food Science and Technology, or Ph.Ds in Translational Plant Sciences, depending on particular interests.  

If you’re interested in joining the Cooperstone lab, please send Jess an email ( including:

For graduate students, it is best to apply by Nov 30th to begin the following fall.

Apply to be a graduate student:

Also, the Cooperstone lab currently has a training grant for Ph.D. students using metabolomics to solve agricultural/food problem, in Horticulture and Crop Science or Food Science and Technology.  For more information, and to find details on how to apply, please go to